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Wyhe's Choice Fundraising knows that the foundation of every successful fundraiser is a proven product that tastes great and is unique to the fundraising market. That's why we've chosen to feature the Butter Braid brand pastries, Pastry Puffins and Butter Hearts. Your fundraiser should taste this good! Just how much can YOU make? Click here to find out

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MGCentury H.S. Choir, Rochester, MN

The kids simply loved the delicious taste, which made selling Butter Braids® very easy. This was a very easy fundraiser! (Century Choir made $8,000 with their first fundraiser)

SSArlington Music Boosters, Arlington, SD

This was one of the easiest fundraisers I have been a part of.....the response rate was quick, the instructions were complete, and the profit made for each student was excellent. Thanks.

MGTrinity Infant and Child Care Lincoln, NE

This was one of our most successful fundraisers. We always know our sales will be good and the product is always excellent. Wyhe’s Choice Fundraising Pastries have become a tradition at Trinity.

SSWest High Band Sioux City, IA

A couple of orders were misplaced on our end and Wyhe’s Choice Fundraising went out of their way to make sure those orders were filled the very next day. Thanks for all of your help. This was one of our best fundraisers ever!