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Wyhe's Choice Fundraising knows that the foundation of every successful fundraiser is a proven product that tastes great and is unique to the fundraising market. That's why we've chosen to feature the Butter Braid brand pastries, Puffcrust Pizza, Pastry Puffins and Butter Hearts. Your fundraiser should taste this good!

Butter Hearts Fundraiser


ButterHearts are made from delicious, artisan style puff pastry. Each pastry has hundreds of thin layers of pastry goodness, making them a melt in your mouth experience every time! They are gooey and sticky in the package, but delicious out of the oven. Each 23.5-ounce package of ButterHearts contains 12 servings and includes two icing packets for a little extra sweetness!

ButterHearts are unique and different from so many other fundraising products because they are not available anywhere on the retail market. This maximizes the profit potential of your local fundraiser.


Classic & Rassberry

Butter Braid Brand Pastries

"We enjoy working with Wyhe's Choice Fundraising. Integrity, good communication, superior product, and great service are words that describe this business!"

Lawton-Bronson Music Department
Lawton, Iowa

"Once people have had the Puffins, they want to order them again! Great product, easy to sell, easy to organize."

Matthew [Group Leader]
Omaha, Nebraska

"Elgin Stars 4H has sold Puffins for a fund raiser for several years. It is a great fund raiser because the product sells itself, people look forward to buying Puffins. The service is also second to none. Delivery is flexible and sorting a breeze! In short...GREAT PRODUCT & GREAT SERVICE!"

Sheila [Group Leader]
Little Rock , Iowa



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  • Note: Our products do not contain nuts, but are manufactured in a facility and on equipment which processes nut products.